Sisters of Mercy: Iris (1994)

Sisters of Mercy: Iris

Sabrina Lloyd & Parker Posey /  Edited & Directed by Hal Hartley

-music by The Breeders-

‘The job, should you choose to accept it: two young women playing out roles associated with the purchasing of real estate. Questions regarding the worries of ownership versus the worries of being un-invested. Intimations of a life filled with effort and debt. Tie this all together somehow with lines from the song, “Iris” by the Breeders.’

(Hal Hartley’s note book, 1994)

– Who shall we elect for mayor?
– The best person for the job.

– But who is that?
– The person who will give us what we want.
– But, what do we want?

– Let’s pretend we’re grown up
– Okay

– Let me hold the hammer
– How much do you pay for this place?

– 16 million dollars a month
– No way.

– I pay for the view
– Oh, you oughta buy a place

– Ownership is bondage
– You need equity

– Too big a commitment
– Think about the tax deductions

– A thirty year mortgage at six and a half percent
– Hour by hour

– C’mon..
– Nobody likes that

‘Four hours till daylight
Four hours till..
Pour water on me..

‘Till I live again..

..when Iris sleeps over..’

‘When Iris sleeps over..’


Parker Posey