24 comments on “GUESTBOOK & REQUESTS

  1. Giacomo says:

    Hi, have you got a high res A clockwork orange poster? If so can you send it to me pls? thanks =)

  2. Jagtar Nijjar says:

    Hi there

    I am looking to change a couple of film posters for my wedding which has a hollywood theme ie put mine and my fiances face onto some posters. Do you have any suitable high res images of some old films eg oceans 11 – the original or even the new one. I’d be grateful for your suggestions

  3. David says:

    I see you like so much movie stills and actors and actress portraits. I know a webpage that could interest you:
    It has been online from years ago, and still stands online.
    Really good scans and pictures. It’s amazing.
    Hope you like it.
    Greetings from Spain!

  4. chaplin says:

    Thanks kindly, David. The Doc Macro site is an invaluable source for all cine-heads. Which reminds me, I should add a link, really.

  5. Zaxxon says:

    request for Jennifer Jason Leigh, Emily Watson, and Penelope Ann Miller!!!
    especially Emily Watson, cuz i think her looks go so well with the classics posted here.
    beautiful site

  6. nick de demko says:

    Brilliant site, so many memories of the 60 films I had forgoten.
    Can you advise of the size they can be prited at.

  7. chaplin says:

    Kind thanks, Nick. Oh, most every image on the site will print upwards from A4, and you’ll find that the majority of the Frame Stills, would print up very nicely indeed. If you have any problems, just let me know.

  8. First of all – What a great site!
    I’m interested in using the Sean Connery shot I saw in the actor portraits section in a photo collage. Would that be ok? If you’re not the copyright owner, do you know who is so I can contact him/her/them?
    A quick reply would be very helpful. Many thanks!

  9. chaplin says:

    The shot should be fine to use, it was discovered in the public domain, and I’m sure your collage will sufficiently alter the original anyway. Let me have a look when you’re finished, Jonas. I’d like to see what you come up with.

  10. chaplin says:

    Yes, you can send it to clark_lens@yahoo.co.uk
    I look forward to seeing your work, Jonas!

  11. Anita Kantowski says:

    I would like to obtain copyright permission to paint on porcelain (china paint) one of the pictures of Ms.Shearer that is here on your website.
    Is it possible to obtain written permission? And if so, how?
    Thank you for your help.
    Anita Kantowski

  12. chaplin says:

    Hello, Anita. Those photos of Norma Shearer are all public domain, as far as I know, so I’m sure it’s okay to reproduce them for your art. It may be a different matter if you were to mass-produce them.. but even that would most likely be okay. They’re getting on for 90 years old now, so I can’t imagine the rights still apply.

  13. Afteftbor says:

    Hello, Just found this forum, I’m not sure if this is the place section to post this, I am Tom from Australia.

  14. kevin says:

    i wanted to say i like the site , keep up the great work .cheers kevin

  15. Alex Hamlyn says:

    Ol charlie has one beady eye in that image

  16. John Cory says:

    I enjoyed discovering your site. I wondered if it would be possible to use images – de niro – susan sarandon – robert mitchum and a couple other actresses (not sure yet) for an art poster project I am working on. All images will be more than sufficiently altered from their original form but I would appreciate permission and also to let you know this would be a commercial project. I am looking for public domain images but some of yours are quite nice. Please feel free to email me for any follow on questions.

  17. chaplin says:

    That should be fine, John. If it’s images from the portrait sections you’re interested in, then yes, those are generally public domain, especially if from the older periods. Some of the more recent images (from the past decade) may need be checked out if intended for publication. I’d prefer you didn’t use the personally made film stills from the main sections, but please feel free to plunder the actress & actor sections to your heart’s content.

    Contact me if you’re seeking anything in particular, and I’m sure we could sort something out –



  18. Sahiba says:


    I just came across your site and really hope you can help me. I am looking to print the Polish Poster for Blow Up onto a t-shirt for my friend’s birthday present. Do you perhaps have a high res image for it? Please say you do! If so I would be very grateful if you could email it to me. Thanks!



  19. esteban says:

    I just wanted to say that I love this site. For some years now. So thanks to whoever is behind it.

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  21. Chinmaya says:

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  22. Sweet blog! I found it while browsing on Yahoo News.
    Do you have any tips on how to get listed in Yahoo News?
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  23. Myriam says:

    Your blog is one of the best I’ve seen. My compliments. It is a pleasure for those who love art in all his facets and even literature.
    Excellent photos and all that you share with us. Thanks!

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