Albert Finney Interview (1960)

Star Interview: ‘Suddenly -it’s Finney’ by Elizabeth Hardie – Published in Film Review 1960 (Saturday Night and Sunday Morning)

Finney #1

Finney #2

Finney #3

Finney #4

Finney #5

Finney #6Finney #7

Finney #8

Finney #9

Finney #10

Albert Finney #1

 ‘Mam called me barmy when I told her I fell of a gasometer for a bet. But I’m not barmy, I’m a fighting pit prop that wants a pint of beer, that’s me. But if any knowing bastard says that’s me I’ll tell them I’m a dynamite dealer waiting to blow the factory to kingdom come. I’m me and nobody else. Whatever people say I am, that’s what I’m not because they don’t know a bloody thing about me! God knows what I am.’

Saturday Night and Sunday Morning

Albert Finney #5


Albert Finney, Shirley Anne Field, Rachel Roberts, Hylda Baker, Norman Rossington, Bryan Pringle, Robert Cawdron / Written by Alan Stilltoe  /  Produced by Tony Richardson & Harry Saltzman  /  Cinematog. Freddie Francis  /  Edited by Seth Holt  /  Music by John Dankworth  /  Dir. Karel Reisz 

Albert Finney Interviews (1960’s-1990’s)

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