North by Northwest (1959)


Part 1: NORTH BY NORTHWEST – Warm Peach/Burnt Ochre

Cary Grant & Eva Marie Saint

‘Pure cinema is complementary pieces of film put together, like notes of music make a melody. There are two primary uses of cutting or montage in film: montage to create ideas–and montage to create violence and emotions. the juxtaposition of imagery relating to the mind of the individual.. You have a man look, you show what he sees, you go back to the man. You can make him react in various ways. You see, you can make him look at one thing, look at another.. without his speaking, you can show his mind at work, comparing things.. any way you run there’s complete freedom.’



Hitchcock Interview (1964)



Eva Marie Saint (Photoshoots 1949 & 1960)

North by Northwest ~ Original Lobby Cards


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