‘The cinema is a siren of infinite seductive power..’

Armando Brancia / Bruno Zanin / Magali Noel / Pupella Maggio / Josiane Tanzilli / Ciccilo Ingrassia / Nando Orfei / Gianfilippo Carcano / Maria Antonietta Beluzzi / Giuseppe Ianigro / Ferruccio Brembilla  / Mauro Misul  / Art Direction Giorgio Giovannini / Screenplay Tonino Guerra  / Cinematography Giuseppe Rotunno /  Original Soundtrack Nino Rota /  Producer Franco Cristaldi /  Director Ferderico Fellini

‘If I don’t talk about my films, it’s because I don’t know what to say about them.. (They aren’t) the kind of films with a plot that you can relate. When people ask me to explain plot, I shrug my shoulders and say well, imagine that one evening you meet a friend in a confidential mood and this friend disjointedly and confusedly tells you about what he does, what he dreams, about his childhood memories, his emotional entanglements, his professional doubts, and you sit there listening, and at the end you have been listening to a human being, and maybe then you too feel like starting to tell him something.. . Understand? It’s a confused, chaotic snatch of talk, a confession made with abandon, at times even unbearable... not a sad film. It’s a gentle, dawn-like film. Melancholy, if anything. But melancholy is a very noble state of mind: the most nourishing and fertile…

What could I have done (if cinema had not existed) ? I really don’t know. Write, no. Writing is an ascetic discipline, a writer must be surrounded by solitude, silence, I could never get used to that. I’d certainly have devoted myself to something connected with show business, or else I’d have tried to invent films. I like films, because in films you express yourself while you are living, you tell about a journey while you are making it.’

FEDERICO FELLINI (Oriana Fallaci, 1967)








Magali Noël


2 comments on “AMARCORD (1973)

  1. Esteban says:

    such a joy, this blog!

  2. […] Above: A still from Fellini’s 1973 Amarcord, screenplay by Tonino Guerra (image via Verdoux). […]

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