Glenda Jackson (c.1968) Portrait Shoot


GLENDA JACKSON (c.1968) Portrait Shoot

glenda-jackson-c1968-1  glenda-jackson-c1968-2  glenda-jackson-c1968-3b  glenda-jackson-c1968-4

glenda-jackson-c1968-5  glenda-jackson-c1968-6  glenda-jackson-c1968-7  glenda-jackson-c1968-8

4 comments on “Glenda Jackson (c.1968) Portrait Shoot

  1. dominic says:

    lovely pictures. glenda jackson had a compelling & beautiful face.

  2. anna k. højgaard says:

    Have alvais loved your films, a great lots of blessings from Anna Katrina from The Faroe Islands.

  3. DM says:

    I do believe I am in love, but 30 years too young!

  4. Matthew Coyne says:

    Brains talent beauty you have it all. Women in love made me love you. Dark and sultry is more than just the night. Thanks for enriching the life of this moviegoer.

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