Making ‘The Shining’ (1980)



Jack Nicholson, Stanley Kubrick, Shelly Duvall, Danny lloyd, Scatman Crothers, Gert Kubrick, James Mason, Garrett Brown, Leon Vitali / Dir. Vivian Kubrick

 In our modern DVD age of fatuously unspecial ‘Special Features’ and back slapping ‘Featurettes’, it’s a joy to see the real thing in this twenty-seven year old gem, a wander around the edges of quality filmmaking. It’s all here: the laborious nature of the filmset, frayed tempers, hissy fits, in-jokes, crying luvvy-actors, and genuine insights into the creative process. Let Vivian Kubrick (Stanley’s daughter) show you that sly old hound Mr.Nicholson talking dirty between takes..listen in on spats between geeky Mr Kubrick and high diva Shelly Duvall..greet James Mason who’s just popped in for tea..gasp at the uncomfortable tears of Scatman Crothers (odder than anything you’ll see in The Overlook Hotel). This is the real shit as they say. “Aww..c’mon Shelly! We’re fuckin’ killin’ ourselves out here!” No padding, and definately no gag-reel! If I hear one more stage hand on a Bonus Disc tell me how great a father and insightful a mentor Steven Spielberg is I’ll..well, I just may boycott a major award ceremony.





 You’ll find it included on most of ‘The Shining’ editions, even the basic one disc jobs, but here’s a Youtube link to the whole Docu uploaded by some nice chap out there..


4 comments on “Making ‘The Shining’ (1980)

  1. sam991 says:

    With the Golden Globes off, i doubt you have much choice in the matter. That being said, if Jack were any more relaxed he’d be in a coma.

  2. Viv says:

    I wish all featurettes were at least half as good as this one…

    I felt sorry for Shelley Duvall watching it, I believe she took this part while halfway through a stress breakdown – she looks so much better in the scenes filmed later.
    Now she’s remembered as this attention-seeking hypochondriac diva who needed to be battered into shape by Kubrick to get out that performace. – I don’t believe she’s always like that, she looks completely traumatised to start with during filming and I don’t believe it’s the film that’s rattled her in the first place (but it sure isn’t helping). – I am very impressed that she managed to make use of personal trauma and come up with such an iconic performance… I wonder if there’s some guy out there who watched the Shining and thought to himself “Hey, that wasn’t Kubrick who messed her up, that was ME! He’s taking all the credit!”

    My favourite is still the shot of the steadycam rolling silently past, with all the potted plants on it, and Stanley Kubrick riding it looking so HAPPY… or am I making that up now?

  3. Lluismen Català says:

    Buenas a tod@s. Acabo de ver “El resplandor” y me ha vuelto a maravillar. El guión, las actuaciones, la atmósfera, el terror, el clímax que le imprimió el Kubrick. Una joya de película. Y el Nicholson está para comérselo, a pesar de la tan nombrada “sobreactuación”. En la película se ven rasgos de “2001. Una odisea en el espacio”. Ese hotel tan bonito y tan tétrico. Con sus pasillitos y sus hermanitas… En fin, que en cuanto he revisto la película me he puesto a investigar por internete. Una gozada. Y ahora a ver quién es el guapo que se acuesta… Socorro.

    Hasta la próxima.

  4. LJ says:

    THANKS FOR THIS!!!!!!!! WOW!!

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